Chopped Straw Bedding (with Eucalyptus)


Very absorbent with a light fragrance of Eucalyptus to help with respiration and neutralise odours
Quantity price available

One of our Best Selling products.


An economical & super absorbent Bedding of wood shavings & chopped straw.
• Dust Extracted
• Very Absorbent
• Treated against mould and spores with Sal Curb F
• Added Eucalyptus Fragrance
• Easy to spread
• Simple to clean out
• Easy to dispose of (breaks down very well)
• Ideal for poultry use (and equine)

This bedding provides a pleasant environment for both hens/horses/pets and their owners.

20kg Bales (130Lts apprx) Quantity Price Available.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended to use hay or untreated straw as poultry bedding due to the fact that it may contain mould, spores, dust and insects. These can be harmful to your hens when in close contact or over a period of time.

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