Alpacas ready for reserving Prudence dob 22/8 - Posie dob 15/8 - Pippa dob 01/8 - to go together, for more details get in touch. 

Ready to leave End of Feb 2024 

Why keep Alpacas?

There is something about alpacas that is therapeutic - in recent years we have sold some to care homes and therapy centres.

They have a gentle, calm nature and with frequent sessions and patience can be successfully halter trained. Indeed some people have made a business walking them.

They are a sociable herd animal and thrive in groups but also mix well and even protect other livestock (goats, sheep etc). When predators (foxes, badgers, even dogs) threaten their herd they will make a sharp high pitched noise as a deterrent.

They are clean animals and usually defecate in one place on the paddock. Their manure is highly sought after - again some people make a business from selling it.

Fleece - some people sell or even use the fleece to make clothing.

We will give you all the information you need on caring for your alpacas from shearing, feet trimming, teeth filing, worming etc.

Please contact us regarding Alpacas we have for sale or to arrange a visit:

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