About Us

imageFor five generations, the Wynne Family have lived and farmed in Hope under Dinmore.

In 1986 Bryan and (myself) Ann Wynne married and shortly after, the farm changed direction from milk production to free range eggs producers and pig farmers.

As with any business, there will always be a requirement to change with the times or ‘diverse’ and farming is no different.

By the late 1980’s as ‘Wynne’s of Dinmore, we sold our eggs directly to shops, hotels, restaurants as well as direct to the public at farmers markets. This developed so much so that we even began winning awards! From “The Flavours of Herefordshire” to a mention in Rick Stein’s “Food Heroes” book.
By 2004 we had 15,000 free range hens and 3000 pigs, a wholesale business, a farm shop and a supportive family with our two daughters to top it off.
In 2005 Christabel came on board to help run the office and shop. It was at this time Wynne’s began manufacturing poultry housing to become a complete “one stop shop” for poultry keepers, providing the hens, feed, housing, equipment, supplies and free advice.

Unfortunately in 2007 due to illness, Wynnes as we knew it, had to change direction somewhat; selling the wholesale business and dramatically reducing the number of livestock.

When 2009 came around – after such a gruelling period, we had managed to pick ourselves up and continue expansion of the retail business, now stocking a wider range of poultry, animal housing and supplies – and we even had our first small herd of goats!

imageIn 2013 we were delighted that Christabel (who by this time had become one of our most cherished friends) had also become our sister in law.
Things couldn’t have been more fantastic – we were a dream team!

No one knows what life is going to throw at you, things change like the wind and suddenly the path you were on, is no more.

Sadly, later that year we lost our cherished Christabel and at that point we lost all passion to continue. Were it not for the support of our wonderful customers, family & friends we would quite possibly have packed up the business completely.

Emily, our youngest of two daughters, at that time had just finished her third apprenticeship and while having a huge passion for farming and livestock came on board with us. She quickly became one of our poultry experts as well as a whizz when it came to social media. Although it wasn’t the plan for Emily to join us so soon, her strengths have brought new avenues for us to expand in – see:
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November 28th 2015 we moved from our humble farm shop into the Country Store you see today.
Outside we have an ever increasing range of animals for view and sale from seasonal chicks & ducklings, to pygmy goats and kids, miniature pigs, Miniature Shetland ponys plus more and of course the Point of Lay poultry we have available all year round.

Inside there are wide ranges of items and products – finding something for all the family.

Our “Peckers” Tea Room offers a range of light refreshments. From cakes, toasted sandwiches and jacket potatoes to tea, coffee, milkshakes, ice-cream and a wide variety of cold drinks.

We’re now even doing Afternoon Tea!!


We welcome you to visit our Country store and wonder around the variety of livestock we have on show, to then relax and refresh in our Peckers tea room.

As well as a small seasonal outside trail to explore and view, we also have fully equipped buildings that house the remaining residents.
Rain, wind or shine we have something to offer!

All we ask is that you do not touch the animals (for health & safety reasons) as we are not a petting farm, but every one of our residents love visitors! Please do not enter any field where the gate is closed or has a no entry sign.
Finally, please ensure that children are supervised at all times.

If you have any questions please speak to any member of staff. There is Tanya and Michelle on front desk/ tearoom, Jason outside and Emily in the office.

We hope you enjoy your visit here at Wynnes and we thank you for taking the time to read and get to know us!

From Ann, Bryan and all at Wynnes of Dinmore