Horslyx Smallholder Block 5kg


A nutritious and delicious supplement designed to assist and compliment feed, delivering a steady supply of nutrients to your animals and livestock.


Smallholder Block by Horslyx is a palatable feed lick, suitable for all ruminants.
Intakes may vary depending on size of animal, quantity of livestock and quality of foraging and other available feeds. All forages (grass/hay/haylage/silage) are likely to be different to each other or from place to place in vitamins, minerals or trace elements. Therefore supplementation may be vital.

This mineral lick, will complement and balance diets by:

Correcting nutrient deficiency
Stimulating forage intakes
Improving forage digestibility
Optimises animal health and performances

Smallholder Blocks offer value for money as it is a hard and concentrated supplement to be licked, making it last a long time, and is therefore cost effective to use.