Agrivite Mite Rescue 250ml or 500ml



250ml £9.75 or 500ml £16.25 bottle with measure.
Add to drinking water at 25ml per 5 litres for a period of 3 – 5 days (500ml will dose 100 litres water).

Red Mite Remedy contains key B group vitamins for skin and feathering; minerals like iron to aid replacing of red blood cells because red mite attacks often causes anaemia among flocks, the continual nightly sucking of blood leaving hens lethargic and pale. it also contains Vitamin E and Selenium to boost their immune systems.

It is an essential weapon to get poultry back to full strength after red mite infestations and can be purchased alongside Smite Red Mite Killa Powder and Smite Red Mite Liquid as part of a complete regime of products to tackle red mite in the chicken coop.