The most perfect feature to any garden!

Keep your poultry fashionably with the WynnesMill!

Suitable for 3 hens or equivalent.


Well, have you ever seen anything so fantastic?!

Hand-crafted using pressure treated timber, giving it charm as well as quality, this enchanting poultry house can also be painted to suit your garden and surroundings.

Holding 3-4 medium sized hens or equivalent (approximately 5 bantams/ 3 ducks etc.)

This coop’s features include a single wooden nest box, a fold down door that doubles up as a ramp for your hens to freely roam in and out of their home, a perch and meshed ventilation windows to encourage air circulation

House made to order, £378.62 + VAT (£75.72) Total £454.34

Delivery & Collection:

This item is made to order so please allow around 10 – 14 days for completion.
Once purchased, the WynnesMill can be either be collected, or delivered either via our onsite carpenter or via a haulage company.
Please phone to discuss delivery options available for you.

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