Pygmy Play Podium


Pygmy Play Podium

Ideal playground & relaxing station for Pygmy goats & heavier type goats such as Nubian & Boer 

For more information on this product please get in touch, we can also provide a no obligation delivery & construction cost 


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We have upped the size of our original Pygmy play ramp to the Pygmy Play Podium

This has 2 raised platforms & 3 ramps enabling the goats to climb from the floor & from level to level. & genuinely have a fun time leaping and jumping around. 

Perfect for goats that like to laze in the sun off the ground or shelter underneath to get out of the sun/rain.
we have found its the ideal place to hang rock salt from & include a scratching post.

This will need to be constructed on site & is not suitable for courier delivery.
Price doesn’t include Delivery & construction.
Get in touch to find out more.