Galvanized Treadle Feeder


The idea of the Treadle Feeder is your hens stand on the plastic mesh grid and the flap opens to reveal the food. This all-weather galvanised and plastic feeder is designed to prevent access by vermin or small wild birds (they aren’t heavy enough to trigger the opening of the feed trough).
6kg £40
12kg £50
20kg £60
30kg £70


An all-weather galvanised feeder. Reducing and deterring Vermin and smaller Wild Birds around the feeding area.
Normal, open Feeders can cause Rat problems, so this sealed treadle bin makes a ideal solution.

The birds may need some initial introduction to the feeder. A suggestion is to keep the feeder open for a short period of time by placing a heavy object on the plate so the feed is exposed. When your hens are familiar with the feeder, the heavy object can be removed and your hens will soon realise how the feeder operates.

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