Russet Blue – OUT OF STOCK


Pretty blue egg layers 

Fully Vaccinated, Lively, friendly birds. They’re an adaptable and hardy breed, being able to withstand disease and stress well.




Laying a sky blue egg these lovely hens have great markings, they are a purpose bred blue egg laying chicken. It is similarly bred to the Cheshire Blue and should produce larger eggs whilst also being a slightly quieter bird.

The russet blue lays constantly well with a good blue egg colour. Virtually all these birds should lay blue eggs, whereas many other blue egg laying hybrids can be found to lay white eggs.

They lay approximately 280 sky blue

These small hens are friendly and lively individualists by nature and will tend to do their own thing within a flock.

They are bred locally by a specialist breeder on a smaller, less industrialised scale than many of the more commercial hybrids.

All our Hybrid birds are fully vaccinated against common poultry ailments, no rx as well as from mareks, coccidiosis, infectious bronchitis and salmonella to mention just a few.

They are reared to R.S.P.C.A. Freedom Food Standards.

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