Ouessant & Jassant Sheep

Ouessant sheep

Claimed to be the World’s naturally smallest breed of sheep with the ram’s shoulder height at just 48-50cm (19 inches) and the ewes 45-46cm (17 – 18 inches). Generally, Ouessant Sheep are roughly 5-6cm smaller than the comparable measurements for the smallest British breed, the primitive Soay. The maximum adult weight is approx. 20 kgs (41 lbs).

Named after the island it originated from, the Ouessant Sheep is a perfect breed for ‘first time’ sheep keepers, Hobby sheep keepers, those with a paddock or small holding and many more!

Occasionally referred to as the Breton Dwarf, Ouessant rams stand only 19 inches tall at the shoulder and Ouessant ewes are typically smaller – measuring a mere 18 inches tall.

They are little lawn mowers with huge characters who love being handled!

Wethers £160.00 each

Ewe lambs POA

Jassant sheep

A happy accident… Where there’s a will there’s a way, our Ouessant ram’s motto in life. They are a cross between Jacob’s & Ouessant’s.

The result of this X means that the lambs are a more manageable size than a pure Jacobs and both breeds having lovely placid natures has come across in the lambs.

Wethers £100.00 each

In order to adopt either breed of sheep, you MUST have a CPH number obtained from the RPA (Rural Payments Agency).
To get your own CPH number, call the RPA on 03000 200 301 and select the option for registering your details. This may take a few weeks so we recommend doing this in advance as without it, a legal movement cannot be completed.

We will always be just the other end of a phone call or email if ever you need help or advice.

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