Miniature Pigs

Miniature Pigs

Miniature Pigs for sale

We no longer breed miniature pigs.

Miniature Pig care. 

To start, when born they are about the size of a can of coke. They grow very quickly and for the first three weeks will double their size. They are normally weaned from 6 weeks onwards although you will find some available at any age – age doesn’t determine how well they will settle into a home as they are incredibly intelligent.

They stop growing at 3 years old although there will only be a growth of about an inch or so between 1 -3 years old. When adult, generally they are about the size of a large Labrador although it very much relies on their breeding to determine what size they will actually be.

Yes, over feeding will have an effect on their size but more outwards than up – DO NOT UNDER FEED YOUR PIG JUST TO KEEP THEM SMALL! This is cruel and will cause developmental and health problems later in life.
We supply the low protein feed that our pigs are on so you can take away a bag with you to start them off. If local, you could continue with the feed supply for ease.

Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals and naturally toilet train themselves making them a great pet! If you plan to keep your pig/s outdoors, you will need solid and secure fencing. A suitable house or ark is required – filled with straw, blankets or similar as pigs love to bury themselves to keep warm.
They love to play too – so lots of toys is essential! We recommend a strong dog harness, toys & chews. A raised vegetable bed filled with soil or wood chip will encourage digging in just the one spot – you can hide treats within it to keep them occupied for hours!

We can provide everything you need to start up your pig-keeping experience including all items mentioned above, an ark or bespoke house handcrafted uniquely for you, equipment, feed, literature, medicinal items, toys and more!

In order to adopt a piglet, you MUST have a CPH number obtained from the RPA (Rural Payments Agency).
To get your own CPH number, call the RPA on 03000 200 301 and select the option for registering your details. This may take a few weeks so we recommend doing this in advance as without it, a legal movement cannot be completed.

We will always be just the other end of a phone call or email if ever you need help or advice.

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