The Spruce Log Cabin


The Spruce Log Cabin is perfect as a Glamping Pod, Garden Shed or Play House!


The Spruce Log Cabin is ideal for an addition to any garden or smallholding! Can also be used perfectly as a Glamping pod!

Dimensions: 2.6m wide x 2.6m deep x 2.4m (approx) high  – 700mm overhang at front.
or  8.5 ft x  8.5 ft x 7.9 ft (approx) high  – 2.3 ft overhang at front

They are made using untreated spruce timber and felt shingle covering on the roof with a wood thickness of 28mm.

Price: £1662.50 +vat (£332.50)
Total: £1995.00

Please note! 
Access must be suitable if considering this item as it will be delivered by either a Freight Lorry or 15′ trailer. Both will need suitable off road parking and if delivered by ourselves to construct as well, we will need to be parked no further than 30m from build-site ideally.
Also, the ground site will need to be suitable for The Spruce Log Cabin so please make sure any preparations and ground works are done well in advance.

Optional Extras:

We can install electrics, including lights and switches and/or plug sockets (not included in the price, quotes upon request).

Delivery & Collection:
Please allow around 3-4 weeks for order completion.
Once purchased, The Spruce Log Cabin can be either be collected, or delivered either via our onsite carpenter or via a haulage company.
Please phone to discuss delivery options available for you.

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