Rabbit Muesli 2kg




This rabbit muesli has been blended to give your pet the very best balanced diet. It has high levels of fibre and is fortified with essential minerals and vitamins.

Our muesli is a great complimentary feed and offered alongside their usual rations of fresh green vegetables and hay, and is all they will need for a complete and wholesome diet.


The grasses in this muesli will help keep your rabbits teeth in good condition, but if you notice their teeth becoming long and/or discoloured, introduce more hay or grass into their diet.



Grass Nuts, Lucerne Pellets (wheatfeed, oatfeed, lucerne, sunflower extract, maize, grass apple, grape, carob meal, vegetable oil, linseed, minerals, yeast) Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Flaked Wheat, Concentrate Pellets (oatfeed, grassmeal, extracted sunflower, barley, wheatfeed, peas, vegetable fat, binder, dicalcium, phosphate, limestne, vitamin and mineral, salt) Wheat Extrusions, High Protein Soya Pellets (soya meal, vegetable fat, molasses, binder) Grass, Lucerne, Locust Bean Extrusions, Soya Oil, Minerals.