The Quailery


Our space saving hutch ideal for 3 Quail.
1.1 m wide x 0.5 m deep x 1 m high
Hand made with pressure treated timber for durability.
Practical and easy to clean out.


The Quailery is our space saving hutch, ideal for 3 Quail.

Dimensions: 1.1 metre wide x 0.5 metre deep x 1 metre high

Hand-crafted with pressure treated timber for durability, galvanised inch x half-inch wire and a corruline roof sheet.

Practical and easy to clean out.

The build, features two doors for easy access, one of which is mesh for wonderful viewing opportunities without spooking the Quail.

Build can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

£99.10 + VAT £19.80

Total £119.00

Delivery & Collection:

This item is made to order so please allow around 10 days for completion.
Once purchased, the Penthouse can be either be collected, or delivered either via our onsite carpenter or via a haulage company.
Please phone to discuss delivery options available for you.

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