Pygmy Goats // not available until spring 2023

Pygmy Goats available all year round.
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It all started with two.

Ann Wynne started her humble flock, with only two little nannies – this is where the addiction, like her flock, quickly grew!

Since then, We have successfully bred and homed (and kept too!) many Pygmy Goats to some of the most wonderful families!  Each little kid and adult goat having the most unique, individual personalities just as you would see in any pet dog or cat etc.

It didn’t take long for everyone here to fall in love with every single goat we have on site and nor does it take our visitors very long either!

We have plenty of experience, knowledge and expertise and will help you every step of the way that you need us – with all and any livestock!

Pygmy Goats are curious, gentle, low maintenance and hardy animals that adore the company of others – they must be kept in at least pairs!! If alone, they quickly become bored and lonely.

Goats are ruminants. This means they have four stomach compartments and when resting after they have eaten, will regurgitate their food, called ‘chewing the cud’ and then re-swallow. They will require a constant supply of hay and water with an added feed once to twice a day.

Pygmy Goats will need regular worming (depending on your choice of product) and their feet trimmed as and when required.  Straw or similar for bedding and a ledge to sleep on. You will need suitable housing for your goats – please see links below for what we have available:

Before taking your Goats home, you must obtain a County Parish Holding Number (CPH) from the Rural Payment Agency 0845 6037777 (Customer registration option) (or 03000 200 301) or The Welsh Assembly Government if you live in Wales. You will be asked a few simple questions about your current holding and you should receive your number a few days later.


Feel free to contact us for more information on 01568 797314 or