Poultry Feed with Flubenvet Wormer


Marriage's Poultry Pellets with Flubenvet acts as a 7 day wormer for all poultry and is highly effective against worms.

Simple to Use – Replaces your usual Hen Feed for 7 Days – No Withdrawal period for Eggs

5kg Bag (Enough for 5 hens) £5.95
10kg Bag (Enough for 10 hens) £10.70
20kg Bag (Enough for 20 hens) £13.95

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Marriages Poultry Pellets with Flubenvet wormer. Designed to replace your Hen’s normal feed for seven to ten days, during which time a chicken will eat the appropriate amount of wormer required.

A high quality product from a trusted company, it has been carefully formulated to be a highly palatable feed with a balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals to help ensure good health.

Available From Wynne’s – Licensed to sell:

It is completely safe to eat eggs from hens being treated with Flubenvet.

Marriages Poultry Pellets with Flubenvet is recommended for feeding to chickens and geese.

To keep your hens worm-free use this feed every three months.

Birds must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment.

We have TWO onsite S.Q.P’s (Suitably Qualified Person) who will attend to your requirements.

5kg Bag (Enough for 5 hens) £5.95
10kg Bag (Enough for 10 hens) £10.70
20kg Bag (Enough for 20 hens) £13.95

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