Deluxe Pygmy Goat Shelter by Wynnes of Dinmore


This Deluxe model is ideal for 2- 4 pygmy goats.
Features include:
Hand- Crafted using Pressure Treated Timber
Internal Sleeping Ledge
Vertical Sliding Access Door
Optional Hay Rack
Coruline Corrugated Bitumen Roof
High Level Air Vent


The Deluxe Goat shelter.
The Magnificent.

This house has been designed to comfortably fit 2 – 4 pygmy goats. However it can be adapted to perhaps house your sheep or poultry etc.

It has been hand-crafted by an on site Carpenter using only pressure treated quality timber and corulline, corrugated bitumen roof sheets.

This design, features a vertical slide door, for the goat’s entrance and exit, as well as a high level air vent and as shown in the images and a door on the side for human access. There is also a veranda at the front where dry food can be put, or where goats can relax but stay out of the rain as the roof covers the entire veranda area.

Inside, you will find a ledge where the goats can relax or sleep. As goats like to be off the ground, they will find this a comfortable place to sleep.

The Deluxe Goat house dimensions are as follows:
Externally – facing the front of the House:
61 inches/155 cm wide
68 inches/ 173 cm deep ( including veranda)
Veranda 18 inches/46 cm deep
67 inches/170 cm Tall (at highest point)

55.5 inches/ 141 cm wide
43.5 inches/110 cm deep
Ledge 22.5 inches/57 cm deep

Price: £470.00 + VAT (£94.00)= £564.00

Optional Extras:
External Hay rack which is at an ideal height for the goats to feed and is easily fill-able. £54.00

Goat Play Ramp
Play time for your goats! Also great for sunbathing and siestas! Price: £121.00 + VAT (£24.20)
Total £145.20


Delivery & Collection:

This item is made to order so please allow around 7 – 10 days for completion.
Once purchased, The Deluxe Pygmy Goat Shelter can be either be collected, or delivered either via our onsite carpenter or via a haulage company.
Please phone to discuss delivery options available for you.

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