Chicken Fun Ball from Wynnes of Dinmore


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  • Chicken Fun Ball from Wynnes of Dinmore


    A fun and active way to feed your hens and keep them entertained!

  • Hentastic Cake Holder Stand


    A strong, wire feeder specially designed to hold the Hentastic Foraging Cake.

    Simply drop in the cake and off they go! A real treat for your hens, helping relieve boredom and stress whilst providing a tasty treat!

  • Hentastic Foraging Cake


    Hentastic foraging cakes are a 100% all natural treat which chickens find truly tasty. Each cake is packed full of vitamins, minerals and is high in protein

  • Slow Feed/Treat Ball


    Usually for Equine feeding, in the last few years this simple and robust ball has been discovered as the perfect easy filling and slow trickle feeder ball for your pet pigs and even your dogs who will love them too!!