Pekin Bantams – Various Colours


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  • Pekin Bantams – Various Colours


    The typical bantam!

    Hens are docile and with regular handling make lovely pets. They are not brilliant layers but often turn broody and make great mothers.

    Vaccinated at day old

  • Penthouse Poultry Ark


    Traditional Design Poultry Ark with attractive and practical features.
    Hand-crafted on site using pressure treated timber.

    Suitable for up to 6 hens
    Easy to move.


  • Pillow Wad Meadow Hay

  • Poultry Feed with Flubenvet Wormer


    Marriage's Poultry Pellets with Flubenvet acts as a 7 day wormer for all poultry and is highly effective against worms.

    Simple to Use – Replaces your usual Hen Feed for 7 Days – No Withdrawal period for Eggs

    5kg Bag (Enough for 5 hens) £5.95
    10kg Bag (Enough for 10 hens) £10.70
    20kg Bag (Enough for 20 hens) £13.95

  • Poultry Spice

  • Pygmy Pad



    This house has been designed to comfortably fit 2 – 4 pygmy goats. However it can be adapted to perhaps house your sheep.

    This Model can be adapted to suite poultry and can easily house up to 25 hens with roll away nest boxes inside.

    High Roof

    Sleeping ledge

    Internal overhead storage

    Floor raised on skids to combat damp

    12mm ply floor

    Onduline mini profile roof sheets

    Pressure treated tanlised timber



  • Quail


    We have a mixture of Japanese and Italian Quail at point of lay available now!

    Great birds for the beginner or experienced poultry keeper! Wonderful pets for children too!

  • Rhode Rock


    Striking Rhode Rock hens

    Prolific layers at approximately 290 large brown eggs per year, per bird.

    Fully vaccinated

    Call 01568 797314 for more information

  • Russet Blue


    Pretty blue egg layers 

    Fully Vaccinated, Lively, friendly birds. They’re an adaptable and hardy breed, being able to withstand disease and stress well.

    Excellent layers! Please ring for availability

  • Secure Heavy Duty Fencing


    Heavy Duty
    Ideal for the security and protection of Poultry/Small livestock

    £32.90 +vat

    Joining Clips: £2.45 +vat each

  • Shavings & Chopped Straw Bedding (with Eucalyptus) at Wynnes


    Very absorbent with a light fragrance of Eucalyptus to help with respiration and neutralise odours
    Quantity price available

    One of our Best Selling products.