Ascot Feeder 2.5kg


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  • Black Durable Ground Trough 1m or 1.85m Long

    A strong Ground Feeder suitable for Sheep, Cattle, Pigs or Goats. Can also be used for water.

    Available 15Ltr or 30 Ltr capacity. Easy to clean and is Weather & UV-Resistant with  Anti-Rot, Anti-Rust elements

  • Comfort Chick Brooder Heat Plate


    The next best thing to a Mother Hen.
    Heat plates are very economical and cheap to run.
    There is a range of sizes available to efficiently raise your number of chicks.

  • Eton Drinkers


    Different sizes available –

    1.5l – £3.95 

    3l – £4.95

    5l – £8.45

    8.5l – £9.50

    12l – £11.50

  • Eton Feeders


    Eton Feeders available in…

    1kg – £2.95

    3kg – £5.95

    5kg – £8.95

  • Feed Scoop


    Durable plastic feed scoop.
    Has a half litre capacity, British made by BEC.

  • Galvanized Treadle Feeder 12Kg


    The idea of the Treadle Feeder is your hens stand on the plastic mesh grid and the flap opens to reveal the food. This all-weather galvanised and plastic feeder is designed to prevent access by vermin or small wild birds (they aren't heavy enough to trigger the opening of the feed trough).

  • Hard Wood Woodchip


    Great for your chicken runs, pathways or play areas.

    A wonderful alternative surface for your Poultry etc and won’t degrade quickly like soft wood.

    Easy to keep clean and is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

  • Novital Covatutto 16L Digital Incubator


    This compact, easy to use model is a great incubator for both the hobbyists and professionals.

    16 Hen Eggs
    19 Pheasant Eggs
    10 Turkey Eggs
    11 Duck Eggs
    4 Goose Eggs